The True Story About My Life – 4. chapter

The True Story About My Life, Eddie Reichmann, IV. chapter
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the IV. chapter of the book The True Story About My Life is here for you. Enjoy it!


The True Story About My Life

Eddie Reichmann

IV. chapter

Writing books is a very easy work, really. You have only to know what do you want to say and how. The other things are not appreciable.

When I was a small boy, I was about seven, I wolked with my Peggy – in that time she was one years old. One day we passed the bookseller´s in our village, Pegggy started suddenly to bark and it was a very loud and quite inconvenient barking, I thing. She was standing in the front of the store and still barking. Her eyes piercingly burned through the shop window. I was looking for an uncommon thing and quait down was lying a sober thin tiny book with the title My diary and a subtitle This is actually not real diary, this is a real book! In that moment I understood Peggy´s bad behaviour. She was usually a distinguished young lady. Sometimes she was like a tomboy but only sometimes.

Well, my dear readers. And so it happen I´ve started to write my first book. However, I think, Peggy ´s written something down in her kenel too. I´m afraid I´m not sure, because she´s never shown me that. In spite of that it was great, I think.


16. 10. 2014